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Folk cures for hair loss


Folk treatment of hair loss ought to be used carefully. Not that it may have come harmful. when you face a serious health issue, no masks and herbal teas won’t help. You risk only to lose time and run the issue. However, now lots of beauticians advise their patients to traditional cures for hair loss as an adjunct treatment. After all, these recipes, collected hundreds of years, contain a giant amount of wisdom and experience of our ancestors. Folk cures for hair loss treatment, there’s lots of recipes. To be honest, to try all of them, you only require this and do it.


Indian People’s recipe for hair loss – is a colorless or colored henna. It is perfectly strengthens and nourishes the hair roots. For example, when I began to fall heavily hair, I used it to her.


The well-known folk treatment for hair loss – it is burdock oil. But do not forget about the other vegetable oils, which are also useful for hair. Well, in the event you merge them with massage, to improve the penetration of oil to the roots of the hair, the effect will be even better. effective, in my view, are masslyanye mask with essential oils of rosemary, Bey (Bailly), airom, tea tree, mint.


Lots of folk cures for hair loss based on the decoction and rinse hair infusions of herbs: nettle, burdock, linden blossom, birch leaves, chamomile, plantain, oregano, sage, nasturtium, hop cones, calamus root, willow and oak. This is best done at night so that the nutrients could affect longer on the skin and hair. Traditional medicine for hair is rich in all sorts of recipes for broths. Keep in mind that the best preparation for their plant is not pour boiling water and hot water. Indeed, in boiling water for lots of beneficial parts basically do not survive. Better longer insist that healthful cocktail. Well, when it’s cooled, gently rub it in to the scalp or rinse hair over a basin after shampooing.


Before using herbal infusions as popular recipes from hair loss be positive to check with all the properties of this plant. For example, oak bark can make hair a small darker. Daisy opposite suit blondes, because has a slight lightening effect. But henna or calendula gives a reddish tinge.


To be honest, I teas and tinctures are not suitable. But here’s the benefits listed above (and lots of other plants) can not be doubted. So I prefer another folk treatment for hair loss – infusion (infusion in oil) or basically a slurry of herbs on the principle of dilution of henna. I would advise to plant henna, add to it some more grass (eg, chamomile), and then put on your head and keep as long as feasible. The main thing they must note that the grass ought to be well crushed. For example, I noticed that the loose chamomile is giant (it is difficult to rinse out of my head), but the bag in front of tiny and convenient.